Sarasota County is fortunate to have one of the most active Democratic Party organizations in the State of Florida. From the Democratic Executive Committee to a variety of Clubs and Caucuses, Democrats of Sarasota are taking a stand and letting their voices be heard in our community.

I started coming to the Democratic Club luncheons in 2006, when I was new to Sarasota. The Club provided a place for me to learn about what was going on in local Democratic politics. I became familiar with our elected officials and learned about candidates and important issues in our community. In addition to that, the Club provided a place where I could walk into a room that was filled with people who had ideas and beliefs similar to mine.

I had moved here from the Boston area, where I didn’t have to go far to find people I fit in with, and had been struggling with that in Sarasota. As important as the educational aspect of the Club was, the sense of camaraderie and like mindedness, was just as important. I will be forever grateful that the Club introduced me to the Democrats of Sarasota.

If it wasn’t for the Club, I might not have known that the Obama Campaign was opening an office in downtown and looking for volunteers. But I read about it and decided to investigate and that led to an incredible experience where I met a lot of wonderful people and got involved in a historic effort. And the good news was, even though we lost by a few hundred votes here in Sarasota County, our candidate won! We had put a Democrat back in the White House!

When the campaign was over, most of my fellow volunteers were ready to take off their political hats and try to go back to life as it had been before the OFA. But I was a little deflated. I had enjoyed the work and truly believed in the cause, and wanted to continue. The next natural step for me was to get involved with the Democratic Party and the Club.

When I came on the Club board in 2009, I learned that in addition to the luncheons, the club performs a very valuable role of community outreach that creates a presence for Democrats in our county. This presence helps promote our values and create a positive climate for Democratic candidates.

I invite you to get involved and be a part of the exciting work we are doing here in Sarasota. Whether you just want to be informed about what’s going on or if you want to roll up your sleeves and work, there is a place for you in the Democratic Club of Sarasota! Our luncheons are held on the second Saturday of each month and you will often find us at community events staffing a Democratic table. It’s an exciting time to be a Democrat! Please join us!

Democratically Yours,

Mary Clupper


Democratic Club of Sarasota