Democratic Club of Sarasota

Q. What is the Democratic Club of Sarasota?

The Democratic Club provides educational and social events to our more than 500 members to keep them informed about local, state, and national issues. We also participate in many outreach events throughout the County to raise Democratic Party awareness, recruit volunteers, and register new voters. In addition, we partner with like-minded organizations, raise money for worthy causes, and assist the Sarasota County Democratic Party with special projects.


Q. Who should join?

Anyone who is registered as a Democrat in the State of Florida who is interested in being an active member of the Democratic community in Sarasota County should join. If you are not registered in Florida, you can join as a "Friend."


Q. What are the benefits of membership?

By joining the Democratic Club of Sarasota, you will receive e-mail and USPS mailings to notify you about our events and initiatives.  We feature stimulating speakers at our monthly meetings, provide access to information about candidates and elected officials, and introduce you to others who have similar political beliefs.


Q. How do I join?

It's easy! Just fill out our online application or download and mail it to the address listed, along with a check in the amount of $25 for the yearly membership fee ($45 for a couple or $225 for Sustaining Members). Get involved! Join the club!


Q. Democratic Party vs. Clubs vs. Caucuses - What's the Difference?

  • The Sarasota County Democratic Executive Committee (SCDP) is the official, local county arm of the Florida Democratic Party. The SCDP has oversight over all Democratic Party activities within Sarasota County. Their primary mandate is to work to elect Democrats to office.
  • The purpose of Democrat Clubs is to provide educational forums, support qualified candidates, and provide Democrats with a platform to address social issues that affect us and our community. Democratic Clubs are a major component of the Democratic Party structure—providing outreach, organizing, support, visibility, and communication of Democratic values to the grassroots. In Sarasota County the Clubs include – the Democratic Club of Sarasota, Longboat Key Democratic Club, Venice Area Democratic Club, the North Port Democratic Club, and the Englewood Democratic Club. All of these organizations have their own governing body and operate independently of the Party, but they are chartered under the Sarasota County Democratic Party and work closely together.
  • A caucus is an organization that has chartered with the State Democratic Party to operate as an official branch and to recruit and operate county-level organizations. Caucuses are different from clubs because clubs are governed by local county Democratic Executive Committees and do not have statewide relationships. In Sarasota County, the Caucuses include – Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus, Manasota  Young Dems, Progressive Caucus, Environmental Caucus, Democratic Women's Club, Labor Caucus, and Stonewall Democrats. CLICK HERE for information on the Caucuses.