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Newtown community center

Reserve seats for our September luncheon – In Celebration of Newtown’s Centennial

The Democratic Club of Sarasota will host our September 13th luncheon at the Robert L. Taylor Center in Newtown to raise Democratic Party awareness, to register voters, to encourage voters to vote by mail, and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Newtown Community.

The residents of Newtown will be our guests for a barbecue lunch and a special program that will include Newtown Leadership. In order to fund this event, our members will pay $25 each to attend, and we welcome any additional donations. We are requiring that this event be prepaid because we do not want to collect money on the day of the event.

We don’t want to cause confusion with our members paying and the guests not paying. We are anticipating a large turn out for this event and the $25 per person from our club members will help, but it will not cover our costs. If you are able to make an additional donation, it will help to offset our costs for this important outreach event. We plan to make this an annual event in Newtown and greatly appreciate your support.

  • I would like to make an additional donation to help underwrite this event. (You may make this donation even if you can't attend the luncheon)
  • Once you press the "Reserve Seats" button you may complete your purchase with Paypal, or click the “Don’t Have a Paypal Account” link on the next screen to pay via credit card.